Dewesoft License Agreement

7.2. The risk of accidental loss and deterioration of the software is transferred to the buyer as soon as the license key has been passed on to the buyer. 5.4. Differences in invoices or receivables (e.g.B. credit or other administrative matters) do not allow the purchaser to postpone the final payment date for the accepted portion of the invoice. 5.1. Payments are made in accordance with the contractual provisions or payment terms set out in the invoice issued or the pro forma invoice. The invoice is established at the time the buyer receives the license keys for the software. All payments are made in euros (eur), unless expressly agreed otherwise.

1.4. Additional or derogatory agreements relating to these CGVs between DWS and the purchaser for the performance of the contract are subject to written form. This also applies to the removal of the written form obligation. The rights to which the DWS is entitled beyond these terms and conditions under the legal provisions are not affected. 5.2. In the absence of an expressly derogatory agreement (for example. B payment conditions on the invoice or pro forma invoice), the buyer is required to pay the invoice issued within 30 days of the date of the invoice issued. 5.5. Projects and cheques are accepted only on the basis of an explicit written agreement and only as a payment obligation. Discount fees and other design and cheque fees are the buyer`s responsibility.

DWS`s section 9 rights remain in place until all applications for projects and cheques are time-limited. 4.1. Prices agreed in writing or indicated in the DWS order confirmation are critical. All prices are based on DWS`s general price list, which is in effect on the day the contract is concluded. In the absence of another agreement, ex Works (EXW) prices are listed in accordance with Incoterms 2010 and contain, if necessary, standard packaging. Transportation costs, special packaging, postage, freight, insurance, customs duties and others (if any) are not included and are always the buyer`s responsibility. Legal VAT and other legal taxes for Slovenia and abroad are shown separately on the invoice in the amounts in effect at the time of billing. 1.1.

These terms and conditions for the sale of software licenses (`CGV`) apply to all transactions between Dewesoft d.o.o.o., izdelava programske opreme in proizvodnja elektronskih komponent, company (foreign) or subsidiary of Dewesoft Group (hereafter referred to as “DWS”) and to the buyer regarding the sale of software, manufactured or for DWS. These terms and conditions apply exclusively and even if the contracts concluded at a later date do not explicitly refer to these conditions. 8.3. The buyer has no right to reproduce, re-edit, decompilate or dismantle the software and/or parts. This rule applies for the period before and after receiving the software license. Each MonoDAQ device contains a DEWESoft LT software license for data acquisition. The LT license has hundreds of prepared computing, display and analytics features that do not require user programming: 13.2. Unlimited license in time: Dewesoft instruments have an unlimited license version in the time of The Dewesoft software (PROF level).

In addition, the customer can purchase unlimited software options and/or packages over time. The customer has the right to use the full functionality of the software without time limitation for all commercial purposes; If your measuring PC has access to the Internet, you can register your DEWESoft X license directly in the software (settings-> license). For any other cases, please go to the offline check-in and follow the instructions for offline check-in.