The Fifth Agreement Be Skeptical

Being skeptical means that one is not easy to convince; or doubts or reservations. Exercise the second chord and take nothing personally, if you look at the truth, exercise the third chord and make no assumptions. So listen to the intention behind the lyrics and listen to what is the real message that is being shared. Remember, it`s normal to be skeptical, and it`s okay to check everything out. Be skeptical, but learn to listen is the last of Don Miguel Ruiz`s five powerful chords. It`s an incredibly powerful and life-changing chord, which has the potential to change life when applied. So be skeptical (about your own beliefs and the beliefs of others), but learn to listen. Don`t follow the people who ask you to believe something. Examine it yourself.

Choose what you want to believe in based on your own direct experiences. Don`t believe all the stories we artists create with our knowledge. You know that most of our knowledge is not true, so don`t believe me, don`t believe you, and don`t believe anyone else. The truth does not need you to believe it; the truth is simple, and it survives, whether you believe it or not. Lying needs you to believe them. If you don`t believe lies, they won`t survive your skepticism and disappear. Consider the fourth chord if you are still doing your best, how you look at the situation, and how you are emerging into the world. In short, with regard to the following. It`s really important to be skeptical. Just like critical thinking.

Spirituality and philosophy are not dogmatic. They are not like religion. It is not a question of sourcing from a belief system or accepting faith. Be skeptical of anyone who asks you to believe in their view of reality; You don`t have to believe it. Many traditions (from ancient times to the New Age) require you to believe or believe in them – don`t believe them. But learn to let everything you do to challenge, teach and expand. Learn to listen when you vehemently contradict yourself. And allow this discomfort to be your guide inside.

Blox, you`re right. We need to be skeptical about everything we hear and see and learn to ask questions and apply wisdom. I think skepticism without wisdom is just an argument. I am glad that you are delighted with the five agreements. If you haven`t read the other related articles, here are some links for you: Be irreproachable with your word: Don`t make any assumptions: always do your best: Angie This deal is so important that Don Miguel has dedicated an entire book…