Who Can Witness A Parental Responsibility Agreement

Not all parents are treated the same and not all parents have “parental responsibility.” 5. When the declaration and certificate are signed, make enough copies for each parent to obtain their own copy. You don`t need to copy the notes on the back. So you received a copy of a parental responsibility application. What are you doing now? In-laws who are not married or who are in a life partnership can only assume parental responsibility through the adoption of their partner`s child. You must attend a Medical Information and Mediation Assessment (MIAM) meeting before you can apply for a parenting order in court, unless you fall into the limited circumstances that mean you do not have to do so. (For more information on these circumstances, see the circumstances in which you do not need to participate in an MIMA below. This contract is valid until your child is 18 years old or the most advanced court order. Obtaining a parental responsibility agreement with the mother and father must date and sign the agreement in the presence of the court officer. If you are married to the mother of your child, you automatically have parental responsibility. This is the case, whether you got married before or after the birth of your child. And you`ll keep parental responsibility, even if you get divorced. Only a court can decide that you should lose it.

There are also other people – people who do not have parental responsibility – that you have to say about your application for parental responsibility. For example, if the child is under the tutelage of a local authority, it must be told, if the child lives in an orphanage or a shelter, then it must be told to the organization that manages it. You should also tell everyone who cares for the child, such as grandparents or other family members. You inform these individuals or organizations of your application by sending them a C6A form that you will receive from the court. You don`t need to send them a copy of your application.