Meet the Characters

  • 10-Leo Darwin

    Leo Darwin

    Karl Kenzler

    Life Coach, author, husband, father and optimist. His business is failing faster than his marriage. Compulsive eater and closet smoker.

  • 11-Yensbourg

    Michael Yensbourg

    Christopher Gerson

    Leo’s new client. Millionaire inventor and philanthropist. Socially awkward. Terrified of women. Plays a lot of video games.

  • 12-Charlotte “Charlie” Darwin

    Charlotte “Charlie” Darwin

    Celia Keenan-Bolger

    Leo’s wife. Stay-at-home mom. Kleptomaniac. Insists on being called “Charlie”.

  • 13-Gaye Harrison

    Gaye Harrison

    Tarah Flanagan

    She loves the Lord. But her best friend, Charlie, is running a very close second.

  • 14-Jansen Piersen

    Jansen Piersen

    Bill Heck

    Working actor and devotee of the Darwin’s Tree Motivational Philosophy. Possibly crazy.

  • 15-Qui-Na


    Joel de la Fuente

    His parents own Leo’s office building. Smokes indoors, even though it’s illegal.

  • 16-Mel Yankowitz

    Mel Yankowitz

    Peter Bradbury

    Founder of Rage Yoga. Leo’s best friend.

  • 17 – Troubadour


    Kevin Orton

    LARP enthusiast. Hesitates not. Goes hither to the Faire.

  • 18 – Troy Harrison

    Troy Harrison

    Victor Williams

    Married to Gaye. Wrestled in college. A real man’s man.

  • 19 – Pooch Hunter

    Pooch Hunter

    Scott Aiello

    Twice-divorced real-estate agent. Has cold sores. Plays the bass drum in Leo’s band.

  • 20 – Rory Maxwell

    Rory Maxwell

    Bhavesh Patel

    Has three cats. Lives with his mom. Plays the triangle in Leo’s band.

  • 21 – Brooke the Tavern Wench

    Brooke the Tavern Wench

    Alysia Reiner

    Champion LARPer who dominates on the pretend battlefield.