Software As A Service License Agreement

SLAs are often used for B2B services, but rarely for B2C services. Some experts argue that a SaaS “license” only means permission to use it and does not grant a copyright license. But why take the risk, given that a SaaS contract with the word “license” could harm the seller in at least four ways? This agreement regulates the provision of software and service (SaaS) to customers via the Internet. The confusion stems from the role of “software” in software-as-a-service. You can cut this confusion by asking what the client is going to do with the software. If the customer puts a copy on a computer — if it is local software — they need a license. Copyright gives the owner of the software a monopoly on the right to copy it, so the customer needs a copyright license to make copies. The rule is the same if the customer owns the computer that receives the copy or uses computers provided by the data center manufacturer. (In fact, copyright has some confusing rules about whether the user actually needs a license to store a single copy on a single computer, but that`s not important here.) If you choose to use a model, you should check this decision.

For example, it may be economically useful to use a model for a new and untested service. However, if the service starts earning large sums of money, you should ask a lawyer to check, advise and update the document. However, if you operate a small service provider that sells to corporate clients, you know that even if a corporate customer`s purchasing team is interested in purchasing a standard product, their legal team may not be willing to accept standard documents. You will pay particular attention to the provisions of your terms of liability. In the SaaS/Cloud context, service levels generally refer to service availability. You can also refer to the response of support queries and/or resolution times. “Licence duration” refers to your authorized license period for the software as specified in an order. We publish a series of saaS contracts and hosted services. Each document is available in two forms: as a downloadable MS Word template on website contracts and as an online document in Docular.

With Docular, you edit the document online and after editing the download on your computer. You can download at any time in a variety of formats. 7.1. License term and extensions. The licence period, support and maintenance and TAM Periodic Services are indicated in the order (if any). The duration of the license and all applicable service times start on the order date (unless a start date is specified in the order) and expire on the expiry date indicated in your account. Unless reported earlier under this Agreement, any right to use the Software expires at the end of the licence term. If you have not chosen the “car extension” option in your account, all extensions must be agreed in writing by the parties.